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Other Scenic Routes

Vestfjorden; Bodø - Hamarøy - Lofoten

A trip around the Vestfjorden basin can be a bracing meeting with the sea, with impressive mountain and island landscape and evidence of the maritime culture on every cape.  Read more

Through Ofoten and Vesterålen

Mountainous, majestic Ofoten and green, windswept Vesterålen form an irresistible combination: from border mountains to the wide open sea.  Read more

The Coastal Road; Steinkjer – Bodø

Treat yourself to a trip along the Main Coast Road (Kystriksveien) either by car or by bike. Along the way you will encounter famous landmarks like Torghatten, the Seven Siste  Read more

Roundtrip Helgeland

From island to mainland, mountain and fjord – and everywhere magnificent rock formations. Take the Round Helgeland trip.  Read more

Exploring Bø

Awaiting the independent traveller in Bø at the outermost edge of Vesterålen are a cluster of cultural heritage sites, a few hundred thousand seabirds and a unique and...  Read more

Around the Lyngen Alps

Spend a good half-day on a trip from Tromsø to the Lyngen Mountains (Lyngsalpene) and back again. We can promise alpine beauty, Sami culture and plastic gnomes.  Read more

Around Kvaløya from Tromsø

From Tromsø a lovely 2 1/2-hour round trip by car takes you from the shelter of the inner fjord to the exposed ocean coast and back again.  Read more
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