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Northern Norway offers accommodation that is a little out of the ordinary. Trading posts, lighthouses, fish factories, fishermen's cabins and log cabins; you couldn’t be anywhere other than Northern Norway. These types of accommodation are not for everyone, but for the right person it is an unforgettable experience. 

Rundhaug Guesthouse

A wooden hotel built for English salmon lords in 1905 ended up at the centre of events in 1940. Now it's a place for peace and quiet.  Read more

Røkenes Farm

At Røkenes Farm, the 10th generation of the Kulseng family welcome guests to dine on the finest china and crystal in a beautiful Nordland house from 1750. The service is...  Read more


A fish processing plant in Kjøllefjord dating from the reconstruction period after the Second World War has been turned into a combined museum, accommodation centre and...  Read more

Slettnes Lighthouse

The world's most northerly mainland lighthouse is situated in the far northeast of the Nordkyn Peninsula. From here, you can only see the endless Barents Sea stretching out to  Read more

Blue skies over Helgeland

Would you like to see the location where the television series Himmelblå was filmed? Perhaps you'd like to experience the region's authentic maritime culture and culinary...  Read more
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