Romantic experiences with your loved one may take many different forms. Sitting under the starry night sky in a glass igloo nestled between the fjord and the surrounding mountains, waiting for the northern lights that may or may not make an appearance, has to be one of the more memorable. Lyngen North at Spåkenes offers glass igloo accommodation at 70 degrees north.

Igloo for two

Hunting the aurora can be a bitterly cold experience. Long hours in freezing temperatures, frostbite and cold toes. That’s not what you want when you take your special someone to the Arctic! Lyngen North is a small holiday destination at Spåkenes at the mouth of the Lyngen Fjord. They offer a romantic alternative to aurora hunting – stay warm and comfortable in a glass igloo while enjoying unrestricted views of the night sky. British luminary Joanna Lumley found herself outshined by the northern lights here one cold March evening in 2008. Millions of viewers have since seen her encounter.

360-degree panoramic views for two

The igloos have a glass dome that offers 360-degree panoramic views. They also have underfloor heating and a heat pump, comfortable chairs, a full bathroom and a kitchen – everything you need to get comfortable with a good cup of tea, waiting for the first green flickers across the sky. On clear nights you can see the mighty Lyngen Alps rise from the fjord, reaching for the sky. Aside from a few twinkling lights from faraway towns and the odd fishing boat lantern, everything is dark while you wait for the aurora’s highly unpredictable, but oh, so captivating and fascinating spectacle. Turn off the lights, and why not put away your phones too. Just be. Together.

Relaxation for two

Don’t over-schedule yourself during daylight hours. January’s polar twilight or the bright sunshine of March – any light is perfect for a stroll along the shore at Spåkenes. Let your gaze wander from the impressive mountain range to the rocky island called Nord-Fugløy, on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. Find shelter behind a red boat shed, brush the snow off a rock and break out your thermos. Take a selfie with your love. Start a snowball fight. Don’t look at your watch. Nothing is urgent at Spåkenes.

Organization for two

Spåkenes is a relatively flat peninsula and a renowned lookout spot at the mouth of the Lyngen Fjord. The cabins are warm and comfortable, and self-catering is encouraged. Your hosts are happy to help you organize anything from dog-sledding and snowmobiling to ice climbing and skiing throughout the Lyngen region.  If you have a rental car, we recommend a visit to the beautiful old trading post at Havnnes or taking a nice drive along the Lyngen Alps or up the forested Reisa Valley.

Travel for two

Spåkenes is located mid-way between Tromsø and Alta, and you can easily get here from both places, either by bus or rental car. The drive is approx. three hours. There is a small airport at Sørkjosen, relatively close to Spåkenes, and Hurtigruten, the Norwegian coastal cruise line, calls at Skjervøy, an hour’s drive away. . The hosts recommend a stay of two to three nights, which pairs well with a stay in more action-packed Arctic destinations, like Alta or Tromsø.

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