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Skiing in Northern Norway

The sport of skiing comes from Northern Norway; the world's oldest depiction of a skier is in a 4000-year-old rock carving in Rødøy in Nordland. These days, cross-country skiing is the most popular winter sport in Northern Norway, and is practised all over the region. Downhill skiing is also popular, and resorts like Narvik and Målselv are among the most challenging in the northern regions. Finally, off-piste skiing, which is downhill skiing on virgin mountainsides, is a sport that is gaining a growing following in Northern Norway.

Skiing in Northern Norway

The oldest image of a skier in the world is from Rødøy on Helgeland. The first skiing competition in the world took place in Tromsø in 1843. Nowhere else in the world is the...  Read more

Freestyle / Off-piste skiing

Ski down a 1000 metre mountain from top to bottom, enjoy the fantastic powder snow and the magnificent view out over sea and mountain. Lofoten and Lyngen are the most famous f  Read more

Dressed for winter

Flip-flops, Bermuda shorts and mini-skirts? In summer, maybe. In winter, nope. Up north it is all about woollen socks, fleece jackets and knitted mittens in the winter. Follow  Read more

Reistadløpet - winter endurance race

What’s the best way to remember a war hero? Parades and monuments? In Inner Troms, they do it like nowhere else, by organising one of the toughest ski races in the world,...  Read more

Narvikfjellet: skiing under northern lights

Narvikfjellet mountain, 900 vertical meters of resort in Narvik, is a place where you can put your skis on beneath the arctic skies, bathed by the soft light of the "blue peri  Read more

Off-piste skiing in Narvik

Narvik is emerging as a new and exciting off-piste skiing region with challenging terrain and good weather conditions. You just need to make sure that you have the right guide  Read more

Skiing over the Finnmark Plateau

A day's skiing through the pine forest and across the plain near Karasjok is suitable even for skiing novices. Most skiers at all levels can also manage the nine-day trip over  Read more

A celebration of skiing in Lofoten

The best way to experience the peaks of Lofoten is on a pair of off-piste skis in winter. Nowhere else in the world offers such mountain and sea views, while the thrilling des  Read more

Off-piste skiing in Meløy

There are still some undiscovered slopes for off-piste skiers. Meløy in the far north of Helgeland has a strikingly beautiful landscape of fjords and mountains, challenging...  Read more
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