Will you need to pack a lunch when heading to the north? By no means, as the variety of eating places is huge and diverse. The following is a quick overview so that you know what to look for!

When you feel like eating local Northern Norwegian cuisine...

For a long time, it was difficult to find a restaurant that served Northern Norwegian food such as the locals might make at home. However, local food is now appearing on an increasing number of menus.

  • Good restaurants in the towns of Northern Norway combine Northern Norwegian ingredients with international culinary trends and spices.
  • Whereas the roadside restaurants used to serve mostly hamburgers and pizza, a growing number are now including local specialities on special house menus. Feel free to ask! 
  • Deep-sea fishing facilities, activities operators and so on that serve food typically have local food on their menus. 
  • Local foods are often included among the numerous festivals, markets and other special events, generally home-made by local enthusiasts and served on paper plates with plastic cutlery for a very low price. 
  • The local ferry cafés generally sell “lefse” – tasty Norwegian flatbread – with a variety of fillings, so don’t miss out!

What if I get tired of fish?

Relax, you will find other dishes in the north as well. International restaurants serve everything from French cuisine to Chinese and Thai food, and there are also steakhouses and pizzerias. You might meet some locals who are enjoying some foreign spices for a change.

Kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan

Northern Norwegian food is based on fish, meat and milk, and access to fruit and vegetables has historically been limited. It is therefore difficult to find traditional vegetarian dishes. If you are a vegetarian, there is probably no point in going to a fancy and expensive restaurant; go instead to one of the many Asian and other international restaurants in cities and population centres. All that good fish in the north is an excellent starting point for kosher and halal food, but be sure to explain your needs clearly as Northerners love a bit of bacon on their fish.

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