The midnight sun means that Northern Norway abounds with amazing ingredients that are a joy to sink your teeth into. Here are five things to get your mouth watering.

1. Strawberries. When all the strawberry fields of Europe are finished, the berries here are just ripening around early August. The midnight sun gives them a special sweetness and aroma.

2. Coalfish is a summer fish. Boil in sea water on the beach and eat with buttered flatbread, or enjoy as mølja with liver and roe. It tastes heavenly, and is supposed to be good for your love life.

3. King crab is fished along the Barents coastline and served with mayonnaise and fresh bread. It tastes even better when you know how much it costs in Oslo!

4. Møsbrøm flatbread in Salten is made from brown cheese, sour cream and butter cooked in milk, then packed into a thick flatbread. It’s popular at festivals and anywhere the locals take their afternoon coffee, so search around and get stuck in!

5. Cloudberries ripen in late summer, at which point everyone heads to the moors to gather the gold of the plains. They are eaten as jam on waffles or fresh bread.