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Hiking in Northern Norway

You can hike in Northern Norway from May (in the southernmost point) or June until October. You can climb up the steep mountain sides along the coast and fjords in Nordland and Troms to a mountaintop with views over the sea, mountains, fjords and settlements way down below and you might also see the midnight sun. You will definitely work up a sweat and have sore legs, but there are hikes for all fitness levels. Hiking trails on the wild Finnmark coast are actually some of the easiest ones, with a moderate incline and soft heather underfoot. The views of the blue mountain plateaus, the sheer coastline and open seas are outstanding. If you want to hike in Svalbard, you need a rifle and the ability to shoot due to the risk from polar bears. If not, you can go on an organised tour; there are lots of day trips and expedition-type hikes. Those who are experienced will naturally choose to walk the Finnmarksvidda Plateau or along the Kjølen Mountains, the mountains on the border with Finland and Sweden. You must bring a tent and a sleeping bag and be able to find your way using a map and a compass. At the other end of the scale, there are lots of marked hiking trails that include many cultural monuments. These walks are easy and interesting and can be combined with any of the other activities and holiday experiences. 

Hiking over Sørøya island to Kjøttvikvarden

Hiking on Sørøya island, at the edge of the Arctic climate zone, in an almost completely uninhabited region, might sound tough. In reality, however, it's quite an easy hike...  Read more

Torghatten - the mountain with a hole in it

Torghatten, the mountain with a hole right through it, is not just a beautiful and famous landmark, it is also an easy walk which rewards you with superb panoramic views. Stra  Read more

The Struve Geodetic Arc

The meridian column on Fuglenes in Hammerfest is a modest monument to one of the biggest scientific tasks in the world: that of measuring the planet itself. It marks the start  Read more

On mountain walks round Hammerfest

Untamed, naked and barren; the area round Hammerfest is where the mountains and highland plateau meet the Arctic Ocean. And yet it’s easy and not at all risky to follow the...  Read more

Up Bolgtinden

A short but steep and particularly entertaining hike takes you up the 339 metre (1,112 ft) high Bolgtinden on the island of Bolga. From the top you can see virtually the entir  Read more

Engeløya — Vikings, lilies and romance

Travel through the ages on the island of Engeløya in Steigen, via a huge burial mound, unusual Iron Age military site, imposing stone church or towering memorial stone. Or...  Read more

The Seven Sisters – seven challenging beauties

Beautiful women deserve all the attention they get. In the midst of the magical coast of Helgeland, seven lofty lovelies await our admiration. Only you can decide whether you  Read more

With Børgefjell as its closest neighbour

Susendal in Hattfjelldal lies well off the beaten track, close to the Swedish border. A characterful community with a multicultural history from the border-country trade, it i  Read more

Mount Tromsdalstind - Tromsø from above scales ever new heights. This time we chose to hike to the summit of Tromsø’s very own landmark, Tromsdalstinden, 1,238 metres (4,062 ft) above the...  Read more

Coastal trail in Bø

A trail between steep 6–700 metre (2–2300 ft) high mountains and the open ocean – the coastal trail in Bø passes through a raw and untamed landscape. But despite this, the...  Read more
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