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Taking your own car to Northern Norway

Taking your own car to Northern Norway gives you wonderful freedom. Here are some tips and advice on driving to Northern Norway.  Read more

Fly to Northern Norway

Francesco Negri had been travelling for three years when he arrived at North Cape in 1664. You can make the journey in just three hours from most places in Europe.  Read more

Trains and buses to Northern Norway

If you are taking the train to Northern Norway you stay on board until you arrive at the end of the line. Make sure you don’t end up in Vladivostok. In the far north you can...  Read more

Hurtigruten – “the world’s most beautiful voyage

Get front-row seats for Helgeland’s fabulous archipelago, the Lofotveggen mountain range, the Lyngen Mountains and Finnmark’s windswept coast. No other sea cruise is as...  Read more
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