Widerøe's unique flexible travel pass, offering unlimited flights and aerial sightseeing around the peaks, fjords and archipelagos of Northern Norway's dream destinations.

Widerøe's Explore Norway Ticket?

This ticket gives you unlimited flights on some or all of Widerøe's routes for two weeks in the summer. In other words, you can get to 25 airports in Northern Norway and create your own holiday itinerary, taking in coastal communities, towns and unspoiled nature. 

Aerial sightseeing

Anyone who has travelled with Widerøe leaves with a vivid slide show in their mind. Brønnøysund from the air is a mosaic of blue sea, leaf-green forest and shining grey rock. The Lyngen Alps en route to Sørkjosen reach up through the mist to the sun. Breakers crash against the Finnmark coast near the green plains on the flight towards Berlevåg. In Hasvik, the plane lands in a flowery meadow. Mosken and Værøy rise defiantly out of the sea between Leksnes and Røst. People often say that it's the journey rather than the destination that counts, but these short Widerøe hops really are more like aerial sightseeing trips.

Onward to new destinations

Widerøe flies you to places that are hard to reach. Go to Mehamn on the Finnmark coast and visit Kinnarodden, the northernmost point on the European mainland. Surround yourself with a million seabirds on a boat trip from Røst to Skomvær Lighthouse. Go to the edge of the continental shelf from Andenes to see sperm whales puff and blow. The picturesque, abandoned fishing village of Hamningberg near Vardø has a short, hectic summer. Take your bike on a ferry out to the quiet, flat islands off Sandnessjøen. See the stunning rainbow of the 269-metre (882.5 ft) high Mollisfossen waterfall near Sørkjosen.

Short hops

These include Northern Norway's classic destinations — the cable car in Tromsø, Bodø's tidal current Saltstraumen, the North Cape and the Lofoten fishing villages can all be reached with an Explore Norway Ticket. One of the best things about the ticket is all the travelling time you save — with flights as short as 15 minutes, you can go for a walk in Mosjøen's picturesque street of Sjøgata in the morning, take in Bodø's breakwater and end up at Svinøy Bridge beneath the Svolværgeita pinnacle in the evening, without feeling stressed.

Professional and informal

Widerøe operates a fleet of modern propeller planes, with efficient systems that offer online booking and check-in via your mobile phone. Our punctuality in all kinds of weather is impressive, and the atmosphere on board is typical of Northern Norway — friendly and informal. If you mention that you're a tourist, you often get a humorous guided commentary from the cockpit.

Fly&bike: Airport transfer on two wheels

At the airports in Brønnøysund, Sandnessjøen, Bodø, Røst, Leknes, Svolvær, Stokmarknes, Tromsø and Hammerfest you can just pick up a pre-reserved bike at the airport and pedal your way into the landscape of the north. Fly&Bike allows you to make the most of every minute in the north. 

Easy to book

The Explore Norway Ticket is available every year during school holidays, with 3 zones to choose from: Southern Norway (south of Trondheim), Northern Norway (north of Tromsø) and the central section in between. You can choose whether to stick to one or two zones, or include the whole country. Tickets are valid for two weeks, and you can add an extra week. For prices, information and bookings, see Widerøe's website. http://www.wideroe.no/flybilletter/norgerundtbilletten