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Zoos, botanical gardens, the Energy House in Hammerfest, aquariums, the Struve Geodetic Arc (a monument commemorating measuring the Earth); all these attractions take their inspiration from the Northern Norwegian natural world. Facts about wildlife, botanical life, and various phenomena between the ground and the sky are explained here. 

Polar Park, an arctic kiss

Wolverine, musk ox and lynx. An albino bear or the rare Arctic fox. Or wolves that pet and kiss those they like: Polar Park in Bardu is a new way to encounter animals.  Read more

The Struve Geodetic Arc

The meridian column on Fuglenes in Hammerfest is a modest monument to one of the biggest scientific tasks in the world: that of measuring the planet itself. It marks the start  Read more

Lofoten Aquarium — Life in the Vestfjord

The underwater life of Lofoten is just as worth seeing as the picturesque landscape. At the Lofoten Aquarium, you will come face to face with the creatures of the Vestfjord.  Read more

Hildurs Urterarium - A herbarium of taste and scent!

The common evening primrose was popularly believed to be a remedy against grumpy wives. But we are more inclined to believe that a meal at Hildurs Urterarium at Tilrem near Br  Read more

Aquaculture in Vesterålen

Salmon is Norway's best-known food product abroad. At Aquaculture in Vesterålen, you get to have a really good look at a working salmon farm, and learn all about one of...  Read more

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden

The beautiful, clear blue Tibetan blue poppy from the Himalayas, slipper flowers from the Falkland Islands, apricot-coloured lewisiera from the Rocky Mountains, strongly colou  Read more

The Energy House in Hammerfest

08.05.2012 – Hammerfest was the first town in Northern Europe to get electricity. It lasted an hour. Then there was a blackout for a year before the lights came back. Today,...  Read more

Polaria — The High North explained

Polaria is one of Northern Norway's most popular attractions — and with good reason, as inquisitive adults and children alike can learn so much here and have a lot of fun at...  Read more

Svalbard Museum — all about the archipelago

Svalbard's rich history and unique nature are the focus of the award-winning Svalbard Museum. Before you venture far and wide on Svalbard, this museum gives you an excellent i  Read more
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