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Festivals and events on any thinkable theme take place all over Northern Norway all year. In this overview, we have presented a few, but this is absolutely the tip of the iceberg.  You can also download the overview here.

Bukta – the coolest place under the midnight sun

Outdoor festival 2,000 km (1,250 miles) from the North Pole? Why not – when it's light day and night, there's plenty of time to celebrate summer with rock'n'roll for three...  Read more

Nordland Music Festival

In the lazy quiet of summer, you can enjoy classical music in Bodø. The Nordland Music Festival invites you to sample classical music, jazz, folk music and pop, indoors and...  Read more

The Steigen Sagaspill

A drama to rival Romeo and Juliet is enacted every two years on the beautiful island of Engeløya in Steigen. An impressive 130 volunteers and an audience of thousands gather...  Read more

Music and colour in the Polar Night

Moments of beauty come when you least expect them. Should you find yourself on board the north-bound Hurtigruten on its way east from the North Cape in the dark of the Polar N  Read more

VAKE – Catching the Varanger wind

VAKE is the world's toughest long-distance snow kiting race in the world's best kiting terrain, the Varanger peninsula.  Read more

World Championship in Cod Fishing

Will you catch a 20kg cod and win the World Championship in Cod Fishing in Lofoten in March? In the midst of the winter cod fisheries, passionate sea anglers and happy amateur  Read more

Wonderful days of kayaking in Vesterålen

How about a paddling trip in Vesterålen, or taking part in the Arctic Sea Kayak Race? Enjoy a damp, refreshing encounter with yourself, or make new friends among kayakers...  Read more

Chamber music in the Lofoten Islands – man does not live by bread alone

“Taking fish to Lofoten”, we say here up north when we mean doing something useless – like “taking coals to Newcastle”. Taking chamber music to Lofoten is, on the other...  Read more

Arctic race of Norway 2013

Four-day cycle race along the most beautiful coast in the world; the new event on the calendar of the world's cycling elite is a test of strength against a fantastic backdrop.  Read more

Arctic race of Norway 2014

The Arctic Race is the world's most northerly cycling race, and from 14–17 August, the world's cycling elite will be racing through the nature of Northern Norway between the...  Read more
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