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Tromsø to the North Cape

There is a particular appeal in travelling to the end of the road at the North Cape – Europe's outermost point. There are modern churches, glaciers, war memorials, trading...  Read more

The seaward side of Senja to Tromsø

This route starts in Gryllefjord, on the extreme west of Senja. From here, you can either go over Senja via Finnsnes or take the ferry from Andenes. The places are arranged in  Read more

The Coastal Route across The Arctic Circle

County road 17 from Steinkjer to Bodø is one of the most varied and beautiful roads in the country, offering both beautiful scenery and a rich heritage. Here it is point by...  Read more

The Arctic Circle roadtrip

The Arctic Circle is the magical limit of the midnight sun. On this car journey you get the best of both coastal and inland landscapes.  Read more

On the trail of coastal culture

Northern Norway is not just beautiful scenery. An exciting history from the Stone Age through the Viking Age to the rich culture of the 1800s has left its mark around Vestfjor  Read more

From north to south with the Hurtigruten

The world's most beautiful voyage takes you along the weathered Finnmark coast, the green hillsides of Troms, the sheer mountains of Lofoten and Vesterålen, and the...  Read more

From Lofoten north to the E6 along the back roads

On the way north from Lofoten you can choose an alternative route along the back roads through Harstad. Sheltered fjords and lush vegetation, and plenty of cultural monuments  Read more

From Kjerringøy to Andenes

From the historic trading post of Kjerringøy via Bodø and Lofoten to the whales of Andenes — much of the best that Northern Norway has to offer is packed into this tour.  Read more

E6 in Troms

The E6 in Troms runs through the really broad valleys of Inner Troms, and north along Lyngenfjorden with views of the glaciers. Take the time to stop off on your way north!  Read more

Coastal Route in Troms – from Senja to the Lyngen Mountains

If you are coming by ferry from Andenes to Gryllefjord, we suggest you take a route along the outer rim of Senja and Kvaløya through Tromsø and the Lyngen Mountains to the...  Read more

Borderlands and Sami Homeland

Plains, islands in the fjord, the Gaissene mountains, the taiga and the harsh Arctic coast — the scenery in Finnmark is varied, with wide horizons. Reindeer Sami, sea Sami,...  Read more

Along the Coastal Heritage Road

The drive from Bodø to Harstad is full of dramatic natural scenery, with a cultural heritage spanning from rock carvings and the Sami to modern industry – dominated by...  Read more
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