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Sami Culture

The Sami are an indigenous people and are the oldest ethnic group in large parts of Northern Norway. Small local museums and large collections, cultural centres with multimedia shows and handicraft for sale give a picture of a unique and different culture. 

Five Sami attractions

A culture several thousand years old, a language like no other, a lifestyle between traditional and modern, and some beautiful and distinctive cultural expressions; Sami cultu  Read more

Manndalen – Treasure trove of traditional crafts

A community in North Troms with about 1,000 inhabitants is helping to preserve some unique handicraft traditions. Ancient weaving techniques, knitted mittens and hats, and Sam  Read more

The churches of Karasjok

The old church in Karasjok is a tiny relic of the old Karasjok, which disappeared during the Second World War.  Read more

Kautokeino local museum

Kautokeino local museum is packed full of interesting facts about this special village at the southern edge of the Finnmark plain. An impressive collection of costumes, a smal  Read more

The Sami Parliament

The Sami Parliament blends in seamlessly with the forests of Karasjok. But get a little closer and it has some wonderful surprises in store. Join a tour around this symbolic b  Read more
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