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The light days of winter have arrived; the sun is shining for hours on end, and the snow is several metres deep, so everything is perfect for dog-sledding, snowmobile trips and ice fishing. Craggy peaks and wide open plains are ideal for off-piste skiing and long ski trips. Predominantly fine weather provides excellent conditions for the Northern Lights, until the skies become lighter in April. The light gives the people of Northern Norway energy for feats like a dog-sled race that covers 1000 kilometres (600 miles), the World Cod Fishing Championship and for colourful cultural events in the Sami Easter Festival. 


The Lofoten Fishery

The world's richest cod-fishing takes place every winter in Lofoten. For nearly 1000 years, dried fish has been exported to Europe from here.  Read more

Alta: the City of Northern Lights in a wintry landscape

The first scientific observations of the northern lights were made in Alta, and with its dry climate, Alta is one of the best places to see them. Add a unique hotel made of sn  Read more

Tromsø – winter city directly beneath the Northern Lights

Directly beneath the Northern Lights oval is Tromsø, a small city with an exciting history, lively atmosphere and a huge variety of snow and winter activities.  Read more

Northern Lights; magic on the night sky!

A light-footed dance, billowing curtains, arches and ribbons in a supernatural green colour. On occasion, the sky explodes into a kaleidoscope of green, white, pink and violet  Read more

Svalbard — Northern Lights near the North Pole

The world's northernmost destination in the middle of winter? It's actually easy, safe, comfortable, beautiful and fascinating, with excellent chances of seeing the Northern L  Read more

Europe’s longest sled dog race

1,000 kilometres with 14 dogs over 5-6 days across snowy Finnmark: 146 teams and more than 1500 dogs will take part in Finnmarksløpet, a great test of strength and a great...  Read more

Bodø by light

Bodø is a cool, modern, vibrant metropolis and cultural city in Northern Norway, nestled between jagged peaks, the archipelago and the open sea. During the day, the winter...  Read more

Lyngenfjord – Northern Lights fjord under white alps

Behind the wild and rugged Lyngen Alps is one of Norway's most beautiful fjords. There are some places here where the climate is almost as dry as the desert, and the weather i  Read more

Snowmobile safari

Fast, fun and set in beautiful locations – possibly in combination with ice fishing or a trip to see the Northern Lights. Treat yourself to a trip on Snow Mobile in Northern...  Read more

Dog sledding

Dog sled racing through the landscapes of Northern Norway is an Arctic version of Formula 1 – and it is as much fun for the dogs as it is for you.  Read more

Off-piste skiing in Narvik

Narvik is emerging as a new and exciting off-piste skiing region with challenging terrain and good weather conditions. You just need to make sure that you have the right guide  Read more

Skiing in Northern Norway

The oldest image of a skier in the world is from Rødøy on Helgeland. The first skiing competition in the world took place in Tromsø in 1843. Nowhere else in the world is the...  Read more

Sami people – the indigenous people of the north

In the far north of Europe, ancient sounds, unique craftwork traditions and a particular language live side by side with modern technology. The Sami culture is the oldest cult  Read more

The food is half the journey

Northern Norwegian food is extremely simple. Why would you want to overwhelm all those delicious ingredients with powerful spices and sauces when you are enjoying the freshest  Read more
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