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Autumn has Northern Norway in its grip. Birches, bilberry shrub, and rowans are ablaze with colour; streams and lakes are crystal clear, and the low autumn sun bathes the landscape in a warm hue. We are of course prepared for the raging storms that follow  the Gulf Stream as well as the dreary rain and snow on the mountain peaks. The Northern Lights are already dancing on the starry night sky, and shorter days give Aurora more time to play. This is the season for candlelit togetherness, cultural events and good food, but also for mountain hiking in wool underwear, hunting, fishing and taking an evening stroll in search for the Northern Lights. Ideas for autumn activities include the following: 


Wilderness design

Sven Engholm in Karasjok has a closer relationship to his cabins than most hosts — he actually built them himself. You can't stay in many places that are as original as...  Read more

By canoe down the Alta River

A summer canoe trip down the Alta River is a wonderful, almost lazy way to experience one of Europe's best salmon rivers.  Read more

Northern Lights safaris in Tromsø

No one knows when and where the Northern Lights will show up next. However, the Northern Lights guides with Arctic Guide Service are experts at looking for them.  Read more

Polar Park, an arctic kiss

Wolverine, musk ox and lynx. An albino bear or the rare Arctic fox. Or wolves that pet and kiss those they like: Polar Park in Bardu is a new way to encounter animals.  Read more

Caving tours in Harstad

Inland from Harstad there are several caves. Fred Åge Hol takes visitors on caving trips, where the choice is between an easy cave for beginners and a more challenging one...  Read more

Nyksund has turned off the lights

The fishing village of Nyksund in the Vesterålen Islands was abandoned in the 1960s, and since then the place has been generally dark in winter. But the darkness is a great...  Read more

Surfing in Lofoten

The left-handed wave in the sea at Unstad is one of the best in the world. Professionals come in autumn and winter, while the gentler summer waves are perfect for beginners.  Read more

Rallarveien - "The Navvy Trail" - scenery, history, passion"

Imagine an easy ramble through a magnificent, untouched landscape of mountains, dales and waterfalls. Add a large helping of cultural history and a melodrama of unhappy love,  Read more

Austervatn — hiking and canoeing

Wild, untouched nature, forest and remarkable, polished mountains far from the crowds; this is Austervatn in Salten. Yet getting here by foot and canoe is surprisingly easy an  Read more

The Hamsun Centre: Battlefield for invisible forces

The Hamsun Centre is something as rare as a building in which the architecture interprets literature. The American architect Steven Holl lets us take part in the dark, large,  Read more

Glacier hikes on Svartisen

If you want a challenge, albeit within safe limits, we recommend a trip to the Engenbreen glacier, from where you can look down at the green water of Holandsfjord and up at He  Read more


The tiny island community of Støtt, with 35 inhabitants, offers gourmet food in historic surroundings, and accommodation in old beds under down duvets. Støtt has always been...  Read more

Walk to Finnkirka

The Finnkirka sea cliffs at the entrance to Kjøllefjord are a coastal landmark. Yet if you go on foot from Kjøllefjord out to the cliffs, they look very different. Join a...  Read more

Varntresk - a heavenly affair

A city of sleighs on the ice, freshly caught char and smelly, fermentet trout, home made goat's cheese and free access to untouched scenery. Varntresk in Northern Norway's rem  Read more
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