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Helgeland: Brønnøysund, Mosjøen, Sandnessjøen, Mo i Rana

The Arctic Circle — edge of the Arctic

North of the Arctic Circle, there is midnight sun during the summer and twilight during the winter. In simple terms, the Arctic Circle therefore represents the edge of the Arc  Read more

National Tourist Route Helgeland

650 kilometres and six ferry crossings, spectacular mountain formations, tens of thousands of islands, a rich cultural heritage, seabird colonies, an enormous glacier, caves a  Read more


The tiny island community of Støtt, with 35 inhabitants, offers gourmet food in historic surroundings, and accommodation in old beds under down duvets. Støtt has always been...  Read more

Glacier hikes on Svartisen

If you want a challenge, albeit within safe limits, we recommend a trip to the Engenbreen glacier, from where you can look down at the green water of Holandsfjord and up at He  Read more

The Arctic Circle roadtrip

The Arctic Circle is the magical limit of the midnight sun. On this car journey you get the best of both coastal and inland landscapes.  Read more

The Coastal Route across The Arctic Circle

County road 17 from Steinkjer to Bodø is one of the most varied and beautiful roads in the country, offering both beautiful scenery and a rich heritage. Here it is point by...  Read more

Cycling across the Arctic Circle

Experience the Nesna archipelago by bike! Take it easy on quiet roads, with short distances and plenty to see and do within easy reach.  Read more

Glomfjord industrial town

The industrial history of Glomfjord stands in sharp contrast to the coastal and Sami cultures of Northern Norway. Glomfjord enjoyed great prosperity in its boom years, but it  Read more

The fairy tale of Nordland – the coast of passion

The mountains that line the coast of Nordland feature very strange shapes. This is because they are actually trolls that have been turned to stone. Here is the true story of t  Read more

Glacier of Engenbreen

Engenbreen is the point at which Svartisen, Northern Scandinavia's biggest glacier, gets closest to the sea. The sight of the blue glacier ice tongue reflected in the Holandsf  Read more

Bolga – island idyll in the archipelago

The island community of Bolga, northern Helgeland, is a vibrant coastal community with 100 inhabitants. This is a place where you can live well, eat well, canoe in the archipe  Read more

Off-piste skiing in Meløy

There are still some undiscovered slopes for off-piste skiers. Meløy in the far north of Helgeland has a strikingly beautiful landscape of fjords and mountains, challenging...  Read more

Kayaking between glacier and archipelago

The rugged archipelago beneath Svartisen could have been made for kayaking, a place where beginners and advanced kayakers alike can experience fantastic nature from where it c  Read more

Up Bolgtinden

A short but steep and particularly entertaining hike takes you up the 339 metre (1,112 ft) high Bolgtinden on the island of Bolga. From the top you can see virtually the entir  Read more

The Coastal Road; Steinkjer – Bodø

Treat yourself to a trip along the Main Coast Road (Kystriksveien) either by car or by bike. Along the way you will encounter famous landmarks like Torghatten, the Seven Siste  Read more
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