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Northern Norway moves from darkness to light, and the day gets longer than the night. It's time for cross country ski treks, snowmobiling, ice fishing and snow kiting. Melting water is dripping from the roofs at daytime, but the frost strikes back at night. Helgeland in the south is entering spring, whereas the snow is still deep on every roof in the far north. The Northern Lights fade as evenings go lighter, and already on the 20th of April, the midnight sun is visible in Svalbard. Here are some tips for spring and summer in Northern Norway: 

Easter Festival in Kautokeino

The World Championships in Reindeer Racing, the Sami Grand Prix, an impressive programme of concerts and gigantic weddings that cost many reindeer their lives. The Easter Fest  Read more

Whale Safari in Vesterålen

All summer long, you can go on a whale safari from Andenes and Stø. Big boats, experienced skippers and guides. A close encounter with the whales will make the trip an...  Read more

North Cape in winter; a mini-expedition

Among the candidates for the title “World’s End”, the North Cape is one of the most obvious. Join a convoy to the North Cape plateau in mid-winter and you’ll understand why....  Read more

The Coastal Route - Kystriksveien

650 kilometres and six ferry crossings, spectacular mountain formations, tens of thousands of islands, a rich cultural heritage, seabird colonies, an enormous glacier, caves a  Read more

Barentsburg — Soviet outpost

A community of 350 people, owned by Russians and populated by Ukrainians, lies beside the Grønfjord on Svalbard. Visit this reminder of the Soviet Union and the Cold War.  Read more

Cross-border adventure by dog sled

Explore some of Europe’s most untouched wilderness, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest habitation, without polluting or disturbing Nature in her long winter sleep. Join...  Read more

Boat to the Vega World Heritage Islands

6,500 islands, old coastal culture, eider duck “farms”, a teeming bird life and exciting history; the cruises to the World Heritage area in the Vega Archipelago are an...  Read more

Skiing over the Finnmark Plateau

A day's skiing through the pine forest and across the plain near Karasjok is suitable even for skiing novices. Most skiers at all levels can also manage the nine-day trip over  Read more

VAKE – Catching the Varanger wind

VAKE is the world's toughest long-distance snow kiting race in the world's best kiting terrain, the Varanger peninsula.  Read more

Off-piste skiing in Meløy

There are still some undiscovered slopes for off-piste skiers. Meløy in the far north of Helgeland has a strikingly beautiful landscape of fjords and mountains, challenging...  Read more
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