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As Autumn Arrives

Night time once again makes a faint appearance in Northern Norway. In mid-August, the night is short and a velvet blue, but in September the nights turn darker. In August, the Northern lights flicker lightly across the skies at sunset, though it’s September that brings the grand show. The colours of the mountain start changing in August and by September the mountain sides are clad in yellow and red. The Northerners return to their everyday lives after a quiet summer, enjoying crisp berries, autumn lamb and freshly caught saithe. Here are some late summer and early autumn suggestions. 

Five mountain hikes in Northern Norway

Mountain hikes in Northern Norway vary from easy rambles to endurance tests, with amazing views even on short hikes. These are some of our favourites, but you are guaranteed g  Read more

Five animals you have to meet in Northern Norway

Northern Norway has an abundance of friendly, non-threatening wildlife. From Vega’s eider ducks to Svalbard’s Arctic foxes, you’ll be charmed by some and in awe of others....  Read more

Five natural wonders in Northern Norway

The landscape of Northern Norway is a mixture of divine inspiration and humour. There is something new around every bend (and we have quite a few in Northern Norway), includin  Read more

Five coastal gems

Countless islands, islets and skerries, deep fjords and steep mountains, as well as sheltered bays, sandy beaches and a settlement dating back 10,000 years: the coast of North  Read more

Five Sami attractions

A culture several thousand years old, a language like no other, a lifestyle between traditional and modern, and some beautiful and distinctive cultural expressions; Sami cultu  Read more

Five historic places in Northern Norway

Northern Norway has been inhabited for at least 10,000 years. A long Sami history, the Viking chieftains of Hålogaland, the dried fish trade, and a dramatic World War II...  Read more

5 long weekends in Northern Norway

Planes are great. They mean that you don’t need to gear yourself up for a long expedition if you want to head north — you can just pop up there for a quick break. Many of...  Read more

Five slow Northern Norwegian experiences

Relaxation, reflection, lazing; when on holiday, there’s no need to rush. If you like letting your thoughts wander while you idly watch a gull sweep past, these are some...  Read more

5 cycle rides in Northern Norway

Cycling is a great way to explore the Northern Norwegian landscape, either by a leisurely road trip or on a challenging mountain bike. Here are five trips from all of Northern  Read more

The Northern Lights in Autumn

When the autumn darkness starts to close in, the Aurora cautiously begins to stir. Your best chances of seeing the Northern Lights are any time after the equinox. See the Nort  Read more

Summer turns to autumn

In August and September, we reluctantly bid farewell to summer, while looking forward to the juicy berries and flaming colours of autumn. And the longer nights provide a stage  Read more

Autumn temptations in Northern Norway

Berries from forests and mountains, turnips, lamb, grouse and reindeer, large coal fish and halibut; autumn in the north is a fruitful time with delicious temptations  Read more

Five tasty autumn festivals

Here are five Northern Norwegian autumn festivals to give your taste buds something to savour  Read more

Five festivals to brighten a dim autumn da

Autumn is the perfect time for culture and festivals. It is a time for challenging our minds and enjoying a good, lively discussion afterwards  Read more
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