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Northern Norway is bathed in light in summer. The constant daylight lasts for four whole months on Svalbard, two and a half months at the North Cape, two months in Tromsø and over a month in Bodø. From the sculptural summits of Helgeland, the midnight sun can be seen dipping into the sea at midsummer. Summer nights can be spent climbing the nearest mountain, enjoying outdoor festivals or going fishing. Kayaking in the archipelago, boat rides to bird cliffs, whale watching and bike rides on winding coastal roads — the sunlight makes us happy and gives us energy. Here are a few ideas for summer in Northern Norway:

Midnight Sun - light all night!

It’s one o’clock in the morning, and the sun’s still shining? North of the Arctic Circle the summer day lasts for weeks and months, and makes both locals and visitors happy,...  Read more

North Cape – at the end of the world

In the same way as points such as the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn, the North Cape is a place that every authentic traveller simply has to visit. The outermost reach of Eur  Read more

Senja's outer coast

Senja has two coastlines — a green and gentle inner coast, and a grim, exposed outer coast. So why are the most important settlements on the outer coast? Because that's...  Read more


Long and narrow, green and fertile, rugged and wild; Nordland is a county of contrasts and surprises  Read more

Nyksund – a second chance for a fishing village

Fishing villages often rise and decline. Nyksund is one of many fishing villages along the coast that has witnessed the passing of its golden age. However, the village has now  Read more

Nusfjord – a pearl in red and ochre

Which fishing village is the prettiest? A definite contender has to be Nusfjord on Flakstadøya Island, with its red and ochre buildings nestled beneath the mighty Lofoten...  Read more

Hamningberg – the fishing village of yesteryear

In a region almost completely destroyed by the ravages of war, there is one place that survived. Hamningberg provides a look back into the world of old Finnmark, which is othe  Read more

Tromsø cable car

421 metres (1381 feet) above sea level is the Storsteinen mountain and its cable car, which offers one of Norway's most photographed panoramas — the view over Tromsø and the...  Read more

A week's cycle tour of Helgeland

Not just cycling, but also boat trips and hiking in Helgeland's exciting mountains; if you can spare a week in Helgeland, you can cycle in fantastic coastal landscapes among o  Read more

Torghatten - the mountain with a hole in it

Torghatten, the mountain with a hole right through it, is not just a beautiful and famous landmark, it is also an easy walk which rewards you with superb panoramic views. Stra  Read more

National Tourist Route in Lofoten

The National Tourist Route through Lofoten runs through some of the country's most dramatic landscapes, and is exceptionally beautiful. And even then you have to set aside tim  Read more
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