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Winter is here

At this time of year, nights in Northern Norway are like a wild but silent party with special effects; the Northern Lights can be seen like a waving arc across the sky, a taciturn treble clef or a slender swan's neck in the sky. Just for a brief moment, it moves forward like a wave, billowing like a curtain and a ray of light projects out like lightning in the opposite direction, or the whole arc of light appears to pulse rapidly.

After a long, festive night with a Northern Lights display, daylight can seem subdued; the low sun turns the fjord a golden colour, naked branches and dead grass wave in the wind, and you crush the ice in the puddles beneath your feet as you walk along. The snow creeps down the mountainsides and makes ever more frequent visits to the houses.


Killer whales and humpback whales – A midwinter adventure

In recent years, breaching humpback whales and ravenous killer whales have been following herrings into the fjords of Tromsø and Vesterålen. For two-three months in...  Read more

Winter festivals in Northern Norway

Winter in Northern Norway is a time for festivals, ranging from intimate indoor concerts to challenging outdoor competitions.  Read more

Winter food in Northern Norway

Winter is the time when you should be eating fish and shellfish in Northern Norway. That’s when they are at their firmest and tastiest. Some of the specialities are highly...  Read more

Winter in Northern Norway: The Arctic at its mildest!

Fifty degrees below zero? Storms that blow the roofs off the houses? Two metres (six feet) of snow in the middle of town? This is the sort of thing that happens in winter time  Read more

Take the perfect picture of the Northern Lights

There is nothing quite as photogenic as the Northern Lights, and yet those captivating green rays can be so difficult to capture. However, with a reasonable camera, taking mag  Read more

Dressed for winter

Flip-flops, Bermuda shorts and mini-skirts? In summer, maybe. In winter, nope. Up north it is all about woollen socks, fleece jackets and knitted mittens in the winter. Follow  Read more

The Polar Night – a time of colour

Imagine nights that last 20 hours, and weeks without seeing the sun. That is real life in large areas of Northern Norway. And just imagine, many people who live in the north t  Read more

Northern Lights; magic on the night sky!

A light-footed dance, billowing curtains, arches and ribbons in a supernatural green colour. On occasion, the sky explodes into a kaleidoscope of green, white, pink and violet  Read more

12 Northern Light ideas

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