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Bright winter...or spring?

Long, bright, lovely days with lots of fine weather are interrupted by short, deep blue nights with sunset colours in the north. The final part of winter lends itself to long skiing treks, to ice fishing and to snowmobile rides. Mild winds sweep the coast northwards from Helgeland, and the midnight sun starts its conquest from Svalbard on. We wonder whether we should call it spring or white winter, it’s a lovely time anyhow.

Midnight Sun - light all night!

It’s one o’clock in the morning, and the sun’s still shining? North of the Arctic Circle the summer day lasts for weeks and months, and makes both locals and visitors happy,...  Read more

Five natural wonders in Northern Norway

The landscape of Northern Norway is a mixture of divine inspiration and humour. There is something new around every bend (and we have quite a few in Northern Norway), includin  Read more

Five energetic summer competitions in Northern Norway

If we feel fit and happy in the light summer, we need to get out and compete in the beautiful summer landscape. Here are some sporting competitions that could only take place  Read more

National Scenic Routes in Northern Norway

The national scenic routes are unique car routes through the highlights of the Norwegian countryside. Northern Norway has seven of the country's national scenic routes. That s  Read more

Snowmobile safari

Fast, fun and set in beautiful locations – possibly in combination with ice fishing or a trip to see the Northern Lights. Treat yourself to a trip on Snow Mobile in Northern...  Read more

Bird Watching in Northern Norway

Puffins, auks, common guillemots, kittiwakes, northern gannets and cormorants on the bird cliffs, white-tailed eagles along the coast, wading birds in the wetlands and loons o  Read more

Skiing in Northern Norway

The oldest image of a skier in the world is from Rødøy on Helgeland. The first skiing competition in the world took place in Tromsø in 1843. Nowhere else in the world is the...  Read more

Freestyle / Off-piste skiing

Ski down a 1000 metre mountain from top to bottom, enjoy the fantastic powder snow and the magnificent view out over sea and mountain. Lofoten and Lyngen are the most famous f  Read more

Bright winter puts a spring in your step

Sun from a clear blue sky, bright evenings, full snow coverage, temperatures above freezing during the day; the bright winter is a great time to be outdoors. If you ignore the  Read more

12 tips for the bright northern winter

Life-giving light, good weather, long days and still plenty of snow; from the spring equinox to the end of April, winter in Northern Norway is beautiful and sunny. Here are so  Read more

Let's be social

Do you like, do you tweet, do you pin or are you on Insta?  Read more

Five ways of learning more about Sami culture in the winter

In order to truly understand Northern Norway, you must visit the Sami. If you come in the winter, you can visit a lavvu, drive a reindeer sled, help out with the reindeer herd  Read more
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