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The Narvik Region - Arctic experiences 2016/17 - EN

Welcome to the city between the steep mountains and the beautiful fjords. We are a region of contrasts and we are humbled over the fantastic nature and scenery we are surrounded by. We hope that you are ready to experience our great winter and northern light excursions this winter. 

Arctic Summer in the Narvik Region 2016 - GB

Welcome to the city between the steep mountains and the beautiful fjords. Located in the arctic landscape of Northern Norway we are a region of contrasts, surrounded by astonishing nature, steep mountains and beauti ful fjords. With this amazing nature as a back drop, the region can offer a... 


Narvik ist perfekt in der nördlichen norwegischen Arktis Landschaft. Die Stadt ist von einer atemberaubenden Landschaft, Fjord und Bergen umgeben - die die Narvik Region charakterisiert. Narvik ist nicht weit entfernt liegen Lofoten, Vesterålen, Troms oder Zweig-sen nach Schweden gelegen, so dass... 

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