Enter the world of natural wonders

In Northern Norway, you are part of a fascinating show, where the wonders of nature are the main performers on a spectacular stage. Standing amidst it all, you become part of a different and exotic world.

Be inspired by the magical summer nights when the sun never sets, choosing instead to bathe the people, sea and mountains in a warm, golden glow.

Become enchanted by the endless archipelago, with its Alpine "island peaks" that plunge into crystalclear, blue waters. Experience the feeling of freedom that only open plains and wide horizons can provoke.

In Northern Norway, you will find strong cultures that are steeped in tradition, living fishing villages, towns and tiny communities, shaped by the forces of nature. The Sami people keep thousand year old traditions alive. Here, you can experience the unique combination of mignificent, unspoilt nature and culture, alongside modern communities and lifestyles.

Bodø - your encounter with Northern Norway

Dazzling midnight sun and northern lights, the world's strongest maelstrom, amazing fishing, exciting caving adventures, 18-hole golf course, pristine national parks, island hopping by bike, unique isles and skerries, sizzling concerts, off-road biking, mountains of all sizes in an alpine landscape, paragliding, sea safari, diving, paddling along the world's most beautiful coastline, art exhibitions, festivals, unique travels in time, traditional local fare, prawns and white wine on the pier...

All of this right outside a pulsating coastal city only a 90 minute flight away from Oslo. A city with shopping malls, gourmet restaurants, cosy cafes, a water park and an airport five minutes away from the city centre.

Bodø is known as "Norway's gateway to the Arctic". Find "Arctic stories" at: http://www.visitbodo.com/article.php?id=221

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Lofoten is an archipelago located in the sea north of the Arctic Circle at the 67th and 68th parallels of latitude, extending as a mountainous wall into the sea to the south west. Between the mainland and the Lofoten Islands is the Vestfjorden fjord. Lofoten is mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered coves, sugar-white beaches and large areas of untouched beauty.

The warmth of the Gulf Stream makes the climate in Lofoten much milder than in other areas of the world located this far north. The Gulf Stream also brings many species of fish from the south, and Arctic species wander in from the north. Fishing has always been the basis for existence in Lofoten, and continues to be the region's most important industry. Winter fishing for Skrei (spawning cod) is most important commercially and large quantities of dried cod (stockfish) are produced for export to Southern Europe and Italy in particular.

Lofoten has rich and varied plant, animal and bird life, including a large population of sea eagles. Opportunities for activities are abundant during both summer and winter, including hiking, cycling, climbing, kayaking, boat trips, fishing, nature safaris, whale safaris, skiing, snowhoeing, northern lights watching and a range of artistic and cultural experiences in museums and galleries.


Vesterålen lies on 68 degrees north and comprises of six council boroughs which are spread out over four large islands all linked by road bridges.

The landscape is varied with majestic mountain peaks, reefs and rocky shorelines, sandy beaches and the magical and legendary Trollfjord.

Most roads follow the coastline with a relatively small amount of traffic. Cycling holidays are therefore a popular choice amongst our visitors to Vesterålen. The Gulf Stream flows close into land and the warm waters give rise to high levels of fish in the sea and a rich and plentiful fauna. In addition to the uniqe whale safaris, moose, bird and seal safaris are also awailable.

Vesterålen provides the opportunity to visit and enjoy an exotic part of arctic Norway with the midnight sun, the northern lights and its Sami culture. The Coastal Express, airports at Andenes, Stokmarknes and Evenes and good coach links make your journey here simple and the travelling easy.

 Harstad - where adventures abound!

Harstad is situated at the heart of Northern Norway, at the gateway to the Vesterålen and Lofoten islands. This is a region that offers unforgettable adventures in nature - accessible and mighty mountain landscapes, spectacular views and a unique archipelago. This is an area in which you can find a quiet place for yourself, drink clean water straight from trickling rivers, or go fishing at sea or in one of the many mountain lakes.

Harstad, with its 24.300 inhabitants, has always been, and still is, an important centre of commerce and culture in the north. Harstad lies at the centre of an exciting region;

Kvæfjord with its world-famous strawberries, and "Nupen", voted the most romantic place in Norway from which to observe the midnight sun.

Bjarkøy, the seat of the Viking chief Tore Hund, boasts an impressive archipelago, a bird cliff and white-tailed eagles. The areas adjacent to the airport further south, Tjeldsund and Skånland, are known for their many mountain walks, white sandy beaches and beautiful fjords. Skånland even has its own beach for winter bathing. You will also find old Sami settlements here and a cultural landscape that bears witness to settlements thousands of years old.

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