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Vesterålen: Stokmarknes, Sortland, Myre, Andenes

Through Ofoten and Vesterålen

Mountainous, majestic Ofoten and green, windswept Vesterålen form an irresistible combination: from border mountains to the wide open sea.  Read more

From Kjerringøy to Andenes

From the historic trading post of Kjerringøy via Bodø and Lofoten to the whales of Andenes — much of the best that Northern Norway has to offer is packed into this tour.  Read more

Vesterålen - summer holiday for whales

An ocean teeming with fish, whales, seals and sea-birds, lush green islands, and people walking, kayaking, playing music and enjoying the summer; summer in Vesterålen is...  Read more
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