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Vesterålen: Stokmarknes, Sortland, Myre, Andenes

Hurtigruten Museum

Hurtigruten, the legendary shipping service between Bergen and Kirkenes, has been given its own museum at its home port of Stokmarknes. Here you start by learning about Hurtig  Read more

Melbu Hovedgård manor house

Plush furnishings, crystal and fine wallpaper at the Melbu Hovedgård manor house are reminders of an era when one of Northern Norway's first big capitalists lived here. Melbu  Read more

Bø Museum – adventures and fairy tales

A local museum telling the story of the tough everyday lives of fisherman farmers, but also exciting and scary fairy tales and elf queens. The central theme of Bø Museum is...  Read more

Jennestad trading post

Macaroni sold by weight, disposable briefs and traditional brooms; the general stores at the trading post at Jennestad make it seem like it was abandoned yesterday. Meanwhile,  Read more

Neptun — Norwegian Fishing Industry Museum

The manufacture of fish oil and fish meal was a major industry in Northern Norway until 1985. At Melbu in Vesterålen, one of the old factories has been preserved and is now...  Read more

Trollfjorden, dark magic and ethereal beauty

A dark, narrow sheet of water below jagged peaks and impenetrable mountain walls, only accessible from the sea. The Trollfjorden, in the southernmost part of Vesterålen, is...  Read more

Sortland – the blue town

In the heart of the beautiful Northern Norway countryside in Vesterålen, a town has made an audacious decision: the people of Sortland have chosen to paint their town blue.  Read more

The Man from the Sea

A 4.3 metre (14 ft) high man made of cast iron, with a golden woman in his back, offers up a blue crystal to the sea. This beautiful artwork looks out over the sea in Bø in...  Read more

Aquaculture in Vesterålen

Salmon is Norway's best-known food product abroad. At Aquaculture in Vesterålen, you get to have a really good look at a working salmon farm, and learn all about one of...  Read more

Northern Lights from the House at the Outer Edge

From the House at the Outer Edge in Bø, Vesterålen, you can enjoy a comfortable wait for the Northern Lights thanks to the mild coastal climate.  Read more

Cycling from Tromsø to Svolvær

A cycle tour from Tromsø to Svolvær touches on three national tourist routes and some of the country's finest coastal landscapes. However, it is a surprisingly easy...  Read more

Cycling in the Vesterålen archipelago

Vesterålen is made up of five islands, linked together by bridge. You can visit all of them without having to cycle the same road twice. The roads were originally built where  Read more

Wonderful days of kayaking in Vesterålen

How about a paddling trip in Vesterålen, or taking part in the Arctic Sea Kayak Race? Enjoy a damp, refreshing encounter with yourself, or make new friends among kayakers...  Read more

Bird safaris to Bleiksøya

80,000 puffin pairs, white-tailed eagles, kittiwakes, cormorants and arctic skuas, not to mention seals on the reefs; life in the sea off Andøya Island is plentiful. Sea...  Read more

Coastal trail in Bø

A trail between steep 6–700 metre (2–2300 ft) high mountains and the open ocean – the coastal trail in Bø passes through a raw and untamed landscape. But despite this, the...  Read more
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