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Northern Troms: City of Tromsø, Lyngen Alps, Reisa Valley

The historical centre of Tromsø

The centre of Tromsø features the largest collection of historical wooden houses north of Trondheim, and is home to one of the most important concentrations of Empire houses...  Read more

Tromsø Arctic-Alpine Botanical Garden

The beautiful, clear blue Tibetan blue poppy from the Himalayas, slipper flowers from the Falkland Islands, apricot-coloured lewisiera from the Rocky Mountains, strongly colou  Read more

Polaria — The High North explained

Polaria is one of Northern Norway's most popular attractions — and with good reason, as inquisitive adults and children alike can learn so much here and have a lot of fun at...  Read more

Tromsø Christmas

Sometimes you have to compromise. Does Santa Claus live at the North Pole or in Rovaniemi? If you go to Tromsø, you’re somewhere in between.  Read more

Bungee jumping in the Kåfjord valley

Jumping from a height of 153 metres (501 feet) into the gorge of the Kåfjord valley guarantees a surge of adrenaline and a natural experience that is definitely out of the...  Read more

Cycling from Tromsø to Svolvær

A cycle tour from Tromsø to Svolvær touches on three national tourist routes and some of the country's finest coastal landscapes. However, it is a surprisingly easy...  Read more

Around Kvaløya from Tromsø

From Tromsø a lovely 2 1/2-hour round trip by car takes you from the shelter of the inner fjord to the exposed ocean coast and back again.  Read more

By boat to the Øksfjordjøkelen Glacier

A plunge of almost 1,000 metres, filled with blue ice and meltwater rivers, is a frighteningly beautiful sight. Join us on a boat trip into the Jøkelfjord to the only place...  Read more

Mount Tromsdalstind - Tromsø from above scales ever new heights. This time we chose to hike to the summit of Tromsø’s very own landmark, Tromsdalstinden, 1,238 metres (4,062 ft) above the...  Read more

Northern Lights in the snow

Trips by dog sled, snowmobile or reindeer sleigh; you can have a lot of fun in the snow in Northern Norway. And if you’re out enjoying the snow at night, you may also see...  Read more

The seaward side of Senja to Tromsø

This route starts in Gryllefjord, on the extreme west of Senja. From here, you can either go over Senja via Finnsnes or take the ferry from Andenes. The places are arranged in  Read more

Sommarøy Island - an island for all seasons

With beaches reminiscent of the Riviera, fantastic views and vibrant fishing villages, Sommarøy is a fine getaway destination from Tromsø, and makes for a great stop-off...  Read more

The bathing boat Vulkana

On board you will find a sauna, Hamam bath, Zen lounge, conference rooms, specially built galley, outdoor wooden bathtub. Follow a ritual Japanese tea ceremony on board the Vu  Read more
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