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Northern Troms: City of Tromsø, Lyngen Alps, Reisa Valley

Tromsø to the North Cape

There is a particular appeal in travelling to the end of the road at the North Cape – Europe's outermost point. There are modern churches, glaciers, war memorials, trading...  Read more

E6 in Troms

The E6 in Troms runs through the really broad valleys of Inner Troms, and north along Lyngenfjorden with views of the glaciers. Take the time to stop off on your way north!  Read more

Gorsa Bridge – Thrilling architecture for walkers

A slim, elegant aluminium bridge spanning one of the deepest ravines in Northern Europe has opened up new vistas in the Kåfjorddalen valley, binding together existing paths...  Read more

Tromsø International Film Festival

What do you do during the twilight months in Tromsø? Seek out the dark of the cinema of course! Tromsø International Film Festival (TIFF), one of the country's leading film...  Read more

Northern Lights safaris in Tromsø

No one knows when and where the Northern Lights will show up next. However, the Northern Lights guides with Arctic Guide Service are experts at looking for them.  Read more

Tromsø cable car

421 metres (1381 feet) above sea level is the Storsteinen mountain and its cable car, which offers one of Norway's most photographed panoramas — the view over Tromsø and the...  Read more

Emma, a dream woman in Tromsø

With good help from many years of cooking experience along with an enthusiastic and professional staff – as well as an imaginary dream woman – Anne Brit Andreassen has...  Read more


Around 300km north of the Arctic Circle, Troms surprises visitors with its strikingly luxuriant landscape and exuberant and colourful culture.  Read more

Sami Week in Tromsø

Concerts, talks, language courses, lasso-throwing contests, generous portions of warming bidos and campfire coffee, colourful costumes from all over Samiland: Sami Week is all  Read more

Bukta – the coolest place under the midnight sun

Outdoor festival 2,000 km (1,250 miles) from the North Pole? Why not – when it's light day and night, there's plenty of time to celebrate summer with rock'n'roll for three...  Read more

Tirpitz - war drama in the North

One of the great dramas of World War II was played out in Northern Norway; the gigantic German battleship Tirpitz kept huge Allied forces tied down for three years, before it  Read more

Polar Museum in Tromsø

The Polar Museum in Tromsø Museum tells the exciting story of the courageous trappers (men and women!) and the hazardous journeys of discovery in the arctic on a red-painted...  Read more

Cod fishing on Malangsgrunnen

Enormous quantities of huge cod weighing 20-30 kg (40-60 lb); if you dare to venture out to sea on a mid-winter fishing trip in North Norway, you will not be disappointed.  Read more

The Arctic Cathedral– a landmark in Tromsø

Midnight concert in the golden light of the midnight sun, an atmospheric visit in the darkness, lit with colours on special occasions; the Arctic Cathedral is a beacon in the  Read more

Tromsø – 24-hour summer madness

As it never gets dark in Tromsø in the summer, you get twice as much for your money. The Midnight Sun gives you extra energy for exploring the city, enjoying the nightlife,...  Read more
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