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Lofoten: Svolvær, Leknes, Reine, Værøy, Røst

The origin of the Rorbu Cabins

The distinctive Rorbu cabins are one of the features of the Nordland coastline and particular to Lofoten. The cabins were originally basic accommodation for the Lofoten fisher  Read more

The Lofoten Cathedral

On the boat crossing to the Lofoten Islands, the towers of Lofoten Cathedral are the first sign of human habitation. For 900 years, fishermen have prepared themselves for fish  Read more

Lofoten Stockfish Museum at Å

Stockfish is Norway's oldest export product, and at the Lofoten Stockfish Museum in Å, you can follow the cod from the ocean to the Italian dinner table.  Read more

Norwegian Fishing Village Museum in Å

Å is a fishing village in the outermost part of the Lofoten chain which has been painstakingly preserved. Here, you can get a taste of what life was really like when hundreds  Read more

Lofoten War Museum

The Lofoten War Museum covers the war in Lofoten, Northern Norway and the rest of Norway, through an impressive collection of artefacts, including some sensational revelations  Read more

Immerse yourself in the World of the Vikings

Take a trip to Lofoten and discover the world of the Vikings. Exciting sights and activities will take you on a trip more than 1,000 years back in time.  Read more

The fairy tale of Nordland – the coast of passion

The mountains that line the coast of Nordland feature very strange shapes. This is because they are actually trolls that have been turned to stone. Here is the true story of t  Read more

Galleri Espolin – Northern Norway, the harsh reality

The Lofoten islands were never a holiday paradise. Life here was relentless toil, in a brutal, inhospitable landscape. Yet, despite their toughness, the people are depicted wi  Read more

Blacksmith of Sund

The cormorant is a mythical bird in Northern Norwegian folk legend, and the Blacksmith of Sund in Lofoten makes beautiful, simple cormorants in wrought iron. You can find Lofo  Read more

The Golden Age – Galleri Lofotens Hus

Galleri Lofotens Hus ("The House of Lofoten") in Henningsvær shows how Norwegian artists suddenly discovered Lofoten in the 1880s. The slide show "The Magic Archipelago" is...  Read more

A wander round Røst

With many times more seabirds than people and a lucrative export trade in dried fish, Røst, the outermost island in Norway, is full of surprises.  Read more

Pre-Christmas fun in Henningsvær

Explore Henningsvær by blue kick-sled, with art, culture and Christmas shopping on the menu ‒ amidst the spectacular Lofoten Islands in their winter white.  Read more

Lofoten Aquarium — Life in the Vestfjord

The underwater life of Lofoten is just as worth seeing as the picturesque landscape. At the Lofoten Aquarium, you will come face to face with the creatures of the Vestfjord.  Read more

Glamour in Røst

Tor Halvorsen, artist and self-declared decadent "creator", welcomes you to his gallery and home in an abandoned fisherman's house in Røst, where coastal culture meets...  Read more

Nature safari in the Vestfjord

Go out on a nature safari in Lofoten's Vestfjord in the middle of winter to watch eagles dive for fish and see the Lofoten landscape in winter. If you're lucky, you'll also se  Read more
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