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Lofoten: Svolvær, Leknes, Reine, Værøy, Røst

Lofoten Islands

A wild, rugged mountain chain is rising up from the Gulf Stream, forming a rare and unique world, of cods, fishermen cabins (Rorbu) , local art, culture and beautiful nature.  Read more

Surfing in Lofoten

The left-handed wave in the sea at Unstad is one of the best in the world. Professionals come in autumn and winter, while the gentler summer waves are perfect for beginners.  Read more

The origin of the Rorbu Cabins

The distinctive Rorbu cabins are one of the features of the Nordland coastline and particular to Lofoten. The cabins were originally basic accommodation for the Lofoten fisher  Read more

Immerse yourself in the World of the Vikings

Take a trip to Lofoten and discover the world of the Vikings. Exciting sights and activities will take you on a trip more than 1,000 years back in time.  Read more

The fairy tale of Nordland – the coast of passion

The mountains that line the coast of Nordland feature very strange shapes. This is because they are actually trolls that have been turned to stone. Here is the true story of t  Read more

Rorbu Cabin Holidays

Imagine waking up on a sunny and clear morning. You walk out barefoot and drink some coffee. A sea eagle soars majestically above the turquoise sea. Small fish dart through th  Read more

Cycling in the Lofoten archipelago

Lofoten is an Eldorado for tourists – including those on two wheels. There are sights to see at every turn. Charming and authentic fishing villages with boathouses lining...  Read more

Pre-Christmas fun in Henningsvær

Explore Henningsvær by blue kick-sled, with art, culture and Christmas shopping on the menu ‒ amidst the spectacular Lofoten Islands in their winter white.  Read more

Galleri Espolin – Northern Norway, the harsh reality

The Lofoten islands were never a holiday paradise. Life here was relentless toil, in a brutal, inhospitable landscape. Yet, despite their toughness, the people are depicted wi  Read more

The Lofoten Islands – a summer paradise

Long, lazy hours relaxing on the edge of a jetty, lots of interesting things to see and do, and plenty of good food. Or hanging from a rope off a mountainside, riding a roarin  Read more

Chamber music in the Lofoten Islands – man does not live by bread alone

“Taking fish to Lofoten”, we say here up north when we mean doing something useless – like “taking coals to Newcastle”. Taking chamber music to Lofoten is, on the other...  Read more

The Polarlightcenter

Sun storms, magnetic particles and sun spots: if you want to know why the Northern Lights occur and how to forecast when they will appear, you should head for the remote littl  Read more

World Championship in Cod Fishing

Will you catch a 20kg cod and win the World Championship in Cod Fishing in Lofoten in March? In the midst of the winter cod fisheries, passionate sea anglers and happy amateur  Read more

The Lofoten Fishery

The world's richest cod-fishing takes place every winter in Lofoten. For nearly 1000 years, dried fish has been exported to Europe from here.  Read more

The Golden Age – Galleri Lofotens Hus

Galleri Lofotens Hus ("The House of Lofoten") in Henningsvær shows how Norwegian artists suddenly discovered Lofoten in the 1880s. The slide show "The Magic Archipelago" is...  Read more
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