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Svalbard Winter 2013 - English

In Longyearbyen the winter darkness stretches from October 27th to February 15th. During this period the entire sun is below the horizon 24 hours a day. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is completely dark all the time. We refer to the period of complete darkness as the Polar Night, wh 

Kirkenes Winter 2013 - English

There is an endless range of activities in the frontier town of Kirkenes. Take part in one or more of the scheduled excursions on offer and gain an insight into the town’s rich culture and history. 

Nordkapp Winter 2013 - English

For more than 300 years, people have travelled to North Cape to experience the northernmost point of Europe. Feel the atmosphere - remembering that all that lies in front of you is sea and ice. The far-off horizon forms a picture of the world’s circumference.We all know that the earth is round,... 

Karasjok Winter 2013 - English

Welcome to the Sami capital, a picturesque village on the border between Norway and Finland. It is easy to find your way around Karasjok, and most of the facilities and shopping centres are within walking distance from your hotel.Ask the reception or tourist information for a map of the town. 

Alta Winter 2012 - English

In the town of the Northern Lights, there is an endless range of activities and adventure, all framed by the fantastic blue light and contrasts which are so distinctive of Norwegian Lapland in mid winter. Spend the night in a fairytale hotel made of snow and ice or explore the windswept plain by sno 

Vesterålen Vinter 2013 - English

Vesterålen is the perfect base for observing the Northern Lights with little light pollution. Here, like so many other places in Norway, we have a long tradition of skiing.Well prepared floodlit cross-country ski trails and ideal terrain make cross- country skiing one of the major winter... 

Lofoten Winter 2013 - ENGLISH

Thousands of islands, steep mountains and vibrant fishing villages – rorbu (fishermen’s cottages) and Lofotfiske, the famous seasonal cod fishing – no one visits Lofoten and leaves untouched. In winter Lofoten shows its most fascinating, roughest side: The light, the rapid changes in the weather... 

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